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Uh. Hello?

So I realized that I don't go to LJ anymore, nor do I really post anything here.. So please talk to me on AIM or FaceBook or something. I work 3rd shift so I'm not on much, but whatever.

By the way, I'm married. On Nov 25th 2009. :)
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Job!!! GET!!!

I finally am starting a job on the 20th that involves Chemistry!

I'll be working as a laboratory technician at a company called Cormetech in Durham. This basically means that I'll be running tests, crunching numbers, and fixing things that break. I will be working 3rd shift once everything is said and done with, but I'm starting on first shift to get trained.

I'm also going to be going down to part time at OfficeMax. My manager is going to see if I can keep my keys and close the store at night but I'll still be part time instead of full (thank goodness!)

Nothing else really.. But that's good enough for me :D
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(no subject)

I have plenty I should update with... but because I'm a bit tipsy.. all I am going to say is...

1. I need new profile pictures for twitter (Link) and Facebook (Link). I plan on getting one during the weekend of the Fourth.

2. I'm making Paul's Mother's Taco dip. mmm. With Black beans, not black bean soup.

Texas Fail

Now I respect people and their right to have any sort of beliefs that they want.. As long as they do not force said beliefs on others.

Before I go any further, I know that the point of my argument will be the exact opposite that I just said to anyone that does not have the same ideas as myself, so we can skip that argument.

Now, I'm a scientist at heart. A liberal agnostic scientist. I believe in the big bang and string theory and the thought that we will actually collapse back on ourselves in many billions of years. I believe in abortions and that every person has the right to choose what and who to believe and worship.

But this is just getting insane.

I'll let you all read that if you want, but basically the Texas Board of Education just passed an amendment that will allow for more creationism to be taught in the classrooms. This is in PUBLIC schools.. Not just a private elementary / high school, but in public ones.

I will admit, I don't know enough to be able to say anything really smart about this topic. I just don't like the fact that people are trying to bring their God into school, teaching that He is the creator of everything and that I can't believe anything else. If a child wants to believe that, that's fine. They can go to church and Sunday school and be taught that. But in school, where everyone comes from different backgrounds and ethnicities? I mean really.

So as I was saying at the start, I'm going the opposite way. Scientists know that the Universe is many MANY billions of years old. Why can't we just keep it that way? Why must they take science out of the classrooms? ARG!

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I Made a List!!

I was hoping for HD on this... but I don't know if it worked.

I made a list... didn't check it twice.. but I actually say something this time.